Face Melter App Reviews

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This App.works fine and is really fun...The other Face Melter XL doesnt work so get this one! Im happy with this Face Melter... I recommend it!

Terrible does not even load.

Trying to get my money back. Apple does not make it easy to get refunds unlike Google App Store, it appears.

Useless app

The picture is so small you cant even do anything with it. This is a waste of money until they update it. DONT BUY

Dont download!

Its full of bugs. This app has been abandoned.

Always comes through

This app has entertained me and many others since its release long ago, I recommend it for entertainment purposes.

Too much glitch!!!

I took a picture and it was really small so I couldnt even see it! I wasted 2$!!!! But otherwise its a good app

Face melter Frozen

I cant get back to the home screen. Its frozen on one picture and there are no icon on screen to choose from. Im use an iPhone 5. Can someone help me? It was working fine until a week an half ago..

Iphone 5

please update for iPhone 5 (update for the big screen) ;(

needs corrections

function save to photo library does not work


I love how it functions but cant see the saved image in my library!!! Disappointed :((( I keep trying it and it says its saved to my library but its not there. I use an iPhone 4. Would give it 5 stars for sure if it saved the image, please fix!

used to be good but what happened?

It was working before and for some reason, when u wanted to save the picture on ur photo library album, it just doesnt work at all? it wont save the picture that you edited or altered. Hmmm...what happened? maybe its not updated for the new iPhone 5 perhaps? or IOS 6 ??? I need some answer App Creator.

Fun - lot of laughs

Great app


My dad bought me this game and it is awesome buy it buy it awesome game


Thanks for fixing this. Im laughing again.


Everything was working great and I was having tons of fun playing with peoples faces, but since the new update has been downloaded into my iPhone, this app no longer works. This needs to be fixed ASAP, since I paid more than .99 cents for this app

Fix the crashing bug please

App wont even open.


New update? This last one just ruined everything..

Worst Update!

Ever since I updated the app, it keeps on crashing!!!!!!! Plz fix, or give me my money back!!!


Kind of useless to purchase an app that wont open. Ever since the last update, this app refuses to load.

APP Crashes!!!

After last update to the app it crashes every time I try to open it. Please fix this! Do not purchase until they fix this problem.

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